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    Here I will post important characters you've met with little heresay you may have heard... But more primarily this is a good place for you to post your character sheets, or info about your characters, descriptions... Poetic ballads... Whatevs.

    Captain Steel: A well known and accomplished individual. Works at the embassy as a representative of Aoilsdawn as well as being captain of the East Tower Guard. Anyone who knows him knows of his tireless devotion to his callings, and his intensely patriotic spirit. Avoid fighting when necessary, but they say he's exceptional with a blade.

    Professor Steel: As unfocused and comical as his brother is stalwart and serious, the professor is a touch of a laughingstock around Aoilsdawn, but those who know him realize that he's brilliant... Even if not fully there all the time. He has a penchant for falling, and dropping things, but somehow manages to survive. His brother knows how brilliant he truly is, and so takes the best use he can of him... Even if it does hurt his pride at being related...

    Anna: Professor Steel's assistant. No one is 100% sure why Anna follows the Professor around, but she is a good check on the professor. She loves the Professor's brilliance, but hates his lack of common sense... Those who speak with her tend to think she has more disdain than appreciation for the professor. Some believe she may have been hired by Captain Steel to watch his brother.

    Lord Swordwright: An illusive figure, he is one of the few that is over captain Steel in the East Tower Guard. Some say that he is a travelling adventurer, others a cultish madman. But, whatever he is he maintains the loyalty of Captain Steel and has close associations with other Lords of Aoilsdawn

    Veilord: You don't know much about him besides that he leads a mercenary organization known as the Shadowguard. He is the one who brought the group to the Northgate and has answered some of their questions. He seems to want to stop an unknown menace with the help of the "Grey-Eyed Host" but seems to be skirting some details.

    Aburrius: A nutjob of some sort. He tricked the party down into the sewers before apparently trying to capture and/or kill them for the purpose of getting them to help stop the same menace that Veilord is after.
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    Kane looks like a normal elf overall, but his skin is very pale, almost white, and so is his hair. His eyes are a piercing cold blue. There is something about him that you just can't put a label on. He is wearing a green hooded cloak over studded leather armor, brown boots and gloves. He has a bow, backpack, and quiver of arrows strapped to his back, and two short swords sheathed at his belt.

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    Lo-Kag "Paledragon" Thunakalathi is almost as large as a Goliath gets naturally, with a greenish, coppery tint to his skin. Completely hairless, as are most men of the race, Paledragon sports only a few noticeable lithoderms (hard, cartilage-like growths that give Goliath's their "rocky" lock) on his head. Coating his body is a very light layer of scales, and it is these scales that provide his color, and more draconic look. Eyes the color of molten copper, Paledragon has a scar around his right eye that loops back across his right cheek bone. His teeth are pointed like other Draconic races, but still about the normal size for a humanoid, so obviously not capable of being used as an attack. His fingers end in large claws though, and they do seem sturdy enough to be used in combat. He wears full plate, a suit his teacher and he had created as part of his training, and the last thing the teacher did prior to leaving was to imprint the symbol of Bahamut upon it. While not lawful in nature, Paledragon seems to carry a large respect for laws of the land, and a great kindness in him. On his back is strapped his weapon of choice, a large greathammer that appears to be as big as Paledragon, and likely weighing a considerable amount. He also carries a few spear, also quite large, that are bundled together for either ranged attacks, or for hunting.

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    Turac, a draconic lizardfolk, set apart from his kind only by eyes as most draconic features blend with those of repilians. He was tall, muscular and quite literaly armed to the teeth. The compleate absent of any ranged weapons was in contrast to his defencive capabilities. Thick scales could be seen in places not covered by steel armour, all the while he carries a large shield.

    Background of sheet
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    I have been told I am accepted, so I figured I would post a bit about my character while I had access to a computer.

    Height: 5'4"

    Weight: how dare you try to learn this information....nah just kidding she wouldn't care, 120 lb

    Description: Alyssa is a petite, apparently human, woman with the athletic build of a dancer that gifts her with sculpted legs and slender arms that do not cross the border to skinny. Along with her graceful build she could be said to have a body with curves in all the right places, and is often the envy or desire of those around her as her unnatural beauty draws the attentions of most humanoid people. At no point though do her curves push the envelope to make her hyper-sexualized, and instead she maintains that point of attraction that also manages to be wholly beautiful even if one was not so inclined towards woman. However despite her surreal beauty Alyssa never as a smug or arrogant expression and instead typically is seen with a warm, inviting, and friendly expression that disarms those around her and softens her beauty to keep it from being least when she wants it that way.

    Her hair is pure white and falls in soft, silken waves to the small of her back and is a mark of pride for her as it was the one thing she felt she could match her mother on in appearance. Her skin is alabaster white and somehow still gives a healthy appearance rather than a sickly one that many paler people might display, strangely she rarely burns from being outdoors and her skin never seems to darken. Prior to her life adventuring she would be found in clothing typicaly for entertainment with bright colors but now she dresses more practically than before. Not liking the restriction pants give she typically wears dresses and currently she wears a dark blue long skirt that falls loosely around her legs to just above her ankles and displaying her soft leather boots with their slight heel: providing a whopping 1 inch boost to her 5'4" height. She had a broad leather belt with a silver buckle and a shirt, of a matching color to her skirt, tucked in. The shirt is has demi-sleeves and exposes enough cleavage to entice most eyes down for at least a moment, though not so far down as to mark her as belonging to a brothel. Over her shirt she wears a soft, brown leather vest with a bit of silver tracing embedded within it in simple yet elegant patterns. Her hair is often tied back with a small amount of silk clothe that matches the blue of the rest of her clothing.

    p.s. still not used to this specific forum site so I don't know all the ins and outs towards editing a post (i.e. I didn't know how to hide the picture as others have done)
    p.p.s. I purposely didn't post her class or background as those are things for you all to learn in role play.

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    An'Drye Bladewing

    An'Drye is a tall, peaceful looking 'girl' who seems to get along with people fairly easily, crystal like feathered wings grow from her back giving her a sense of divine mystery as someone human-like yet not truly human, her thin and graceful figure can deceive those unwary of her true strength, as she will show no restraint when protecting those that she truly cares for.

    Her skin is smooth as silk and sometimes seems to give a shine as if reflecting the sun, her long silvery hair falls down to her waist as if the stream of a beautiful river woven in the thread of fate itself, her piercing blue eyes are like sapphires of the northern peaks, those that can also give a stare cold enough to freeze someone in place should someone manage the difficult task of upsetting her.

    (yes its short, i wont add anymore until its been revealed)
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    Owen Yewbeam is a slightly taller than average halfling. He has tan skin and a face full of freckles. His hair is brown and wavy, and his eyes are brown and big. The most common expression on his face is a wide grin, and he's often laughing at something. He's seldom seen carrying more than the satchel on his back and two small pouches on his belt.

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    Forgot to post mine when I was accepted sorry.

    Character Summary:
    Dartok the Half-Giant Artificer was originally the apprentice to his tribes smith was exiled due to his disrespect for the tribal traditions. He's slightly short for a half-giant, standing a little over seven feet tall. He has the violet eyes and silver hair that is the defining feature of his former tribe. Dartok is friendly to all he meets, carrying a permanent half-grin, but has something of a temper towards those who do not treat him or his friends (a rare honour for him to count you as such) right. As an exile, he has no surname and is treated with contempt at best and open hostility at worst by tribal giants that he meets. He is passionate about his craft and hopes to gain the resources and skills to become a master at them during his adventures. The use of his creations is the greatest reward for him (although he does still require a small payment for his work even if it's just so he doesn't make a loss).

    In-depth History:
    As a first generation half-giant, Dartok was raised by his mother, a healer in the giant clan Raak. As a half-giant, he was never overly welcomed by the children of the clan but he managed to avoid open hostility. Without really having any close friends, Dartok spent a lot of his childhood alone where he would make things out of bits and pieces that he found lying around. His greatest creation in childhood was a crossbow made from broken stool-legs and the elasticated waist of some old trousers. While the crossbow itself lacked power to do any damage, the creation of it still drew the attention of clan smith who took Dartok in as an apprentice.

    Dartok quickly became a relatively well skilled smith, however before he could finish his apprenticeship and become a recognised clan smith of his own, he ran into trouble with the clan elders. Ever since a young age, Dartok had dismissed the traditions of his clan, believing them to be superstitious and ridiculous which often put him in conflict with the clan elders, although he never took it far enough to cause real trouble.

    Now as an adult member of the clan, Dartok had received basic training in combat and was expected to take part in the conflicts of the clan. In the summer of his 34th year, clan Raak was at war with a neighbouring giant clan and he was called upon to engage in one of the skirmishes. During the battle, Dartok saved the life of one of the clan elders, Elder Haril Raak, and was declared the hero of the battle for it. Now one of the traditions of clan Raak is that at the end of every victorious battle, the hero of that battle is required to sacrifice the eldest child of the defeated leader to the clan ancestors. When Dartok was commanded to do this he refused and was exiled from the clan.

    Since that day Dartok has wandered the lands, selling his services as a warrior and a smith to anyone who'll pay (or if times are desperate enough, just for bed and board). While in Kamipulk, Dartok met an Artificer of great skill. Fascinated by the things he could do, Dartok payed her everything he'd earned to teach him how to harness magic as she did. They didn't stay together as the Artificer was loath to stay anywhere for more than a couple of weeks, but Dartok had learnt the basics by the time she moved on. At the moment, all he can make is scrolls and temporary enchantments, but one day he hopes to be able to create works to rival the artifacts of the ancient times.
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    Sam Tiger Form
    Sam Hybrid Form

    Sam in her natural form is fairly pretty if compared to humans, but compared to the elves she was used to she is fairly plain. Her skin is ivory in color and gives her an almost statue like appearance if she isn't moving too much. Her hair and eyes share the same coloring enhance this statue like effect, which to some can be fairly off putting and creepy. The only bit of color on her is on her lips which are light pink and abnormally full for a changeling. Her figure is somewhat generous as far as her curves are concerned, and she maintains an athletic appearances with tight strong muscles showing where her feminine curves do not hide them.

    However, since leaving her home she has taken to appearing as a half-elven male with brown hair and green eyes. In this form he is handsome but not unapproachable so, with slight flaws here and there that when taken as a whole actually improve his appearance. He stands at 5'10" in height and weighs 165lbs with a lean athletic build that shows minimal body fat.

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    at first glance Giarrok is a gnoll, at second glance Giarrok is a frightening gnoll, and at third glance Giarrok is an extremely frightening gnoll.
    When standing at his full height Giarrok towers over most other humanoids at over 7 feet tall, fortunately for those that dont like getting a crick in there neck from looking up all the time, Giarrok like most gnolls stands in an almost crouching position, making him closer to just under 6 feet. Giarrok looks the part of fearsome gnoll warrior, hidious facial scar over his right eye extending down his face and over his snout included, as well as a power behind his amber eyes that almost begs the question of where gnolls actually come from, if they arent wholly from some demonic plane. However Giarrok is actually quite well spoken speaking common with only a minor accent, although he still lacks tact in his speech, his vocabulary is quite impressive for a gnoll.
    Giarrok has reddish brown fur that covers his entire body, when fighting he seems to follow a rythm like there is a music only he can hear, and a dance that only he understands, although to notice this someone would actually have to live through a fight with him, which considering the lonely gnolls general ferocity combined with his massive strength and endurance is unlikely
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