The Recruiting Office is for recruiting players for your new game, or for recruiting players into your already established game.

On Players Creating Threads

Creating new threads in this particular forum is only for GMs that are recruiting for a new game. It's not a place for players to post that they are looking for a game. We have a special forum for that.

The Recruiting Office is also not for posts of any kind that are not a GM specifically recruiting players for a new or existing game that is being run on this site. The Library would likely be the appropriate place for any post that is not a recruitment.

Sometimes the Recruiting Office is very active and sometimes it is not. Just remember to have patience and check in daily, and you should eventually find something that you want to join.

GMs, pay careful attention to the Reputation of the Users that apply to your game. Low amounts of green Reputation are fine, but gray Reputation or any amount of red Reputation signifies trouble in that User's past, so take that into consideration. Similarly, players should also look at the Reputation of any GM that is trying to recruit. If the GM has red Reputation, it could be an early warning sign that the player will not enjoy a game under this GM, so be mindful of that before you submit your application.

On GMs Creating Threads

A GM should generally create a single thread for a single game, or a single thread for multiple instances of the same game. In your thread's first post, you should aim to be as informative as possible. When creating a thread, the following things should be answered, or at least given thought to:

  • What system are you using (D&D 3.5, 5e, Pathfinder, etc.)?
  • What medium(s) are you using (PbP, MapTool, Discord, etc.)?
  • If you are playing on a virtual tabletop, also consider the following:
    • What day(s) will you be playing?
    • How often will you be playing?
    • What time does the session start, and in what timezone?
    • How long will you be playing?

  • If you are playing Play-by-Post, consider the following questions:
    • How often will you require people to post?
    • What kind of action(s) will be taken if a person does not post within the required time?

  • Any supplementary programs needed?

In addition, the first post should answer the following questions about the mechanics of the game:

  • What house rules does the game have?
  • What restrictions are there on source material?
  • How do players create their characters?
  • What other restrictions and/or requirements are there?

These are all questions that will come up eventually, so covering your bases allows for faster communication. If you don't know the answers to any of the above questions yet, or want player input, then you should post that, too. In addition, the prefixes that we provide allow you to communicate what medium you will be using in the thread title. Choose the one that is most applicable to your game when creating a thread. If none are suited, or it is a mix of a few, use "Other".

GMs are strongly encouraged to ask applicants how many other games they are already playing in. This will help you get an idea for which of your applicants are already in games and which ones are not, should you choose to use that information as criteria. Also, in the interest of full transparency, you should in turn let your players know how many games you are currently GM'ing, and whether or not you intend to run more games while this one is currently running. This will help your players get an idea as to whether or not they want to apply to your game.

GMs are also strongly encouraged to find out how old their applicants are in order to make sure that the age of the players won't conflict with the "age" of the material that will be present in the campaign. TTW has a minimum age rule of 13 years old.

Finally, games are not merely statistics. The tone and feel of a game are also highly important. Describe your game to the players, give them something to pique their interest.

When you have found the recruits you are looking for or your thread has at least served its purpose, remember to close your thread, or new posts will continue to roll in. Don't just post that recruitment is closed. Please actually close the thread yourself.

If your thread goes without any activity for at least a week, it might also get closed by a Staff Member.

The Office gets cleaned out around once a month, and any threads that have been inactive for at least 30 days prior to that are deleted. If you like to reopen recruitment threads or copy/paste old info into new recruitment threads, it would be a good idea to hang onto a copy of your recruitment post for yourself in case the one in the Office ever gets deleted.

On Requesting a Forum

Game Forum Requests is the current acceptable method of requesting a game forum. The threads here aren't recruitment threads, so don't reply to someone's forum request to announce your interest. Read the instructions in the first thread there carefully, and post your request according to the template given. A request may take a few days, depending on how busy the Staff is. Forums should generally be requested only once the game has recruited the minimum desired number of players and is ready to start.

On Unfinished Games and Interest Checks

Your game should be ready to begin if you're recruiting players. If your game still needs work to the point that it's not ready to begin, or if it is not ready to begin for any other reason, do not recruit for it yet. Use the Interest Checks & Game Planning forum for situations like these. Your game should always be as complete as possible before you open it up for recruitment.

On When Threads will be Closed

Threads in the Recruiting Office proper will be closed after one week of inactivity, whether the game managed to achieve its full recruitment or not. In Game Forum Requests, threads will be closed after the requests within have been resolved, however long that takes. In all other subforums, threads will remain open until they are automatically deleted after 30 days of inactivity.

What Your Options Are if Your Thread is Closed

If your thread met the closing conditions and is closed by a Staff Member, do not reopen the thread. If you do, we will just delete it outright and also lower your Reputation. Also, do not just create another copy of the closed thread, either. It will [also] be deleted and your Rep will drop [again]. Closed threads are no longer able to be edited.

If your recruitment thread gets closed and you're not done recruiting yet - as in, you don't have the number of players you were aiming for - then you've got a choice to make. Either start your game with the players you currently have, or don't run the game at all. Notify your recruits via PM in either case. If you choose to start your game with the players you have (and you submit a forum request that is eventually approved), you may then create a new recruitment thread in the Recruiting Office for the purpose of adding more players to your already-existing game, which should already be underway so that your initial recruits don't have to wait anymore. You can keep making "Additional Players Needed" threads as many times as you want each time the threads are closed, if you so desire, as long as there is an established, currently-running game tied to those kinds of recruitment threads.

On Paid Games

A GM advertising on Tangled Web may charge their players for games. However, unless explicitly stated by the thread creator and verified by a Tangled Web Moderator or Administrator, The Tangled Web is in no way affiliated with games that charge their players. In addition, The Tangled Web requires that the GM conducts their transactions using reputable services that have mediation and refund protocols, such as PayPal. If there are complaints that a GM has not run a game nor given out a refund after being paid, The Tangled Web reserves the right to prohibit that particular GM from advertising paid games on The Tangled Web again. It is up to the particular GM how much they charge for their game and it must be stated clearly in the first post of a thread.

On Unrelated Messages

Players who are not applying for the game in a thread should not, generally, post in that thread. If you are not in the game, do not try to argue with the GM or other players about things, especially when it does not affect you. If you feel something is against the rules, such as a GM restricting players unfairly or for disallowed reasons, report the thread instead of posting in the thread. Positive endorsements of the GM by former players are generally allowed, but overly negative feedback should be kept to a minimum. Again, if you are not part of the game, it does not affect you. If you are so offended by the GM that you want other people to avoid them, use other ways, such as PMs or off-site methods to contact the players. However, keep in mind that harassment and flaming is not allowed even in PMs, so keep criticism of GMs respectful and to the point. We have a Reputation system for a reason.

Keeping things neat and tidy is important in the Recruiting Office, which is why threads are closed by a Staff Member if they go at least a week without any activity. This makes it very easy to sweep out the Office at the end of each month by getting rid of all the closed threads. With that in mind, please refrain from posting in threads unless it is a legitimate attempt to apply. Just posting to say things like "Good luck with your game!" or "Aw, I wish I had that time slot free on that day," or "I'm already in too many games and you probably won't pick me, so I won't be applying," serves no real purpose and actually draws out the length of time the thread is sitting in the Office, so please don't do it.

Also, it's easy for conversations to run away sometimes, so do your best to keep things recruitment-related in recruitment threads. While waiting for that all-important post where the GM announces his picks, nothing is more frustrating than 20 false-alarm posts from applicants as they try to pass the time by discussing their favorite flavor of Pop-Tarts, so please keep discussion to its necessary minimum in recruitment threads. If you get into the game, you'll have the OOC thread for that kind of stuff. And if you can't wait, we have a whole section of threads for that kind of stuff as well.

On Bumping

GMs may bump their thread without any penalty, but applicants may not. If a GM wants the thread to be more visible, they will bump the thread themselves. Bumping may be done for as long as the GM wishes to keep the recruitment going. Yes, that means a GM can bump his thread to keep it from going at least a week without any activity. That's why we just go ahead and close them after a week. If that much time has passed and the GM hasn't bothered to bump, we assume that the GM doesn't care if we close the thread.

Thank you, and happy gaming.